Readers of Nissan Part Store know the value of saving every cent. Chances are, you cut coupons and take advantage of 3 for 2 deals because there’s never a good enough reason to pay full price. The internet is packed with competitor sites offering the same products to all of their customers – how do they stand out? Better prices, quicker shipping, loyalty points, and special codes that knock prices down to below that of their commercial adversaries.

The earliest known coupon was issued by Coca-Cola in 1888. Between the years of 1894 and 1913, nearly 9 million free glasses of the famous soda were handed out to American consumers. That was a clever move – look at how popular the drink is even today.

But this would not have been the first attempt to offer goods at reduced prices. It is probable that the fruit sellers of ancient Rome would have offered their produce for lower prices as this began to go off in the Italian sun. Or that one chariot maker would undercut the prices of his rival. And Roman citizens would have known where to go for the best prices. Just like you.

This urge to pay the lowest price hasn’t changed. Although purchasing food outside of its best before date is very much discouraged today, we all enjoy getting the best deal.

Newsletter Signups

Signing up for newsletters is a great way to get future discounts. Once on a company’s mailing list, they’ll send you all of their latest offers. While you might not want every business filling up your inbox, picking larger suppliers means you’ll get a huge discounted selection rather than the occasional offer for a single item.

New Customer Discounts

Add something to a guest shopping cart on many online shops and you’ll probably be shown a popup that tells you that first orders get so many percent off. You are never obligated to buy from the first shop that offers you a discount. If you forget to note down your discount code, just send a quick email to the customer services department after you’ve hunted around for a better price and failed to find one. You never know, they might even offer you a better deal!

Join a Voucher Website

Vouchers don’t mean cutting around the dotted line anymore and handing them in at the right store. Large virtual marketplaces like Amazon aren’t the best places for vouchers. What you need is a big department store that ships to your country. Fashion sites like Asos, for example, where you can take advantage of one-off 50% to 80% discounts. Use the latest asos rabotkode offer if you live in Northern Europe or an asos gutschein offer for Germany and Switzerland. As most large stores have global websites, shipping costs are never a problem. Even their websites are translated into multiple languages. Vouchers come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way for niche stores to show off their services. Take the ifolor gutschein (ifolor photography offer), for example. Get discounts on your photo books and printed art with a single click.

Best Price Offer

Some businesses will match the best price for a selection of their products…if you can prove it. While none of these accept sales prices or equivalent prices on fake goods, a dated, official, non-sale item can lower the final price to a cent below the lowest advertised retail price. Always keep an eye on shipping costs, though, as well as the fine print on the offer’s details.

Order via Affiliates

Affiliates are other websites or social media influencers who advertise other businesses’ services and/or products for a fee. Look at any social media review site and you’ll see the influencer point to a link that offers you the product they are showing for a lower price. It won’t do you any good to try to bypass the middle-guy. These people have worked hard to get lots of followers and that’s why they are given the privilege of offering discounts.

Bought New With Tags

Sometimes, nearly new is new. Look at any of the big auction sites and you’ll notice the acronym BNWT. This usually accompanies an item of clothing that has perhaps been tried on or bought on a whim and is no longer wanted. Prices can be significantly lower. While you probably won’t find a car part advertised as ‘bought new with tags’, you can find parts on online auction or second hand sites at lower prices. The only problem could be shipping costs – select a radius that you can travel to and collect the part yourself.

Never Pay Full Price Again

OK, you might need to pay the regular rate for a rare, practically antique car part or any unusual item, but for the everyday (or almost everyday) article, there’s an offer around every corner.


It’s always good to get the same quality item for a better price than you were prepared to pay in the first place, and there are so many opportunities that make getting a discount easy. All you need to know is where to look.